Introductory Note

Hello! Welcome to my personal blog, This is kind of new blog because my last WordPress website’s password got lost. Anyways this is just an updated version of my old site.

  • This site involves my thoughts about life, my frustrations and my sadness. It’s a bit gloomy contrary to my outward personality but this does not reflect my overall being as a person.
  • I make short stories, poems, essays and reviews on places or products. This however is my own personal perception and does not represent any ill feelings towards people or for the world in general.
  • I hope I can share my own thoughts freely in this site and be able to share the same feelings with others.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through the pages and clicking through the tabs. I’m happy to be in this community and I hope we can help each other in any way we can. 

Lots of Love,




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